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Cards - 1960's
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Description  Price 
 1962 Topps 1st series checklist VG. Image Available! $3.00  
 1962 Topps 2nd Series Checklist unchecked EXMT. Image Available! $3.00  
 1962 Topps 2nd series checklist VG. Image Available! $2.00  
 1962 Topps 3rd Series Checklist unchecked EXMT. Image Available! $3.00  
 1962 Topps 4th Series Checklist VG. Image Available! $3.00  
 1962 Topps Al Kaline EX Image Available! $12.60  
 1962 Topps AS Brooks Robinson EXMT. Image Available! $15.00  
 1962 Topps Braves team card VG+. Image Available! $3.00  
 1962 Topps Brooks Robinson EXMT+. Image Available! $30.00  
 1962 Topps Don Drysdale NM-. Image Available! $40.00  
 1962 Topps Sandy Koufax EX-. Image Available! $55.00  
 1962 Topps Sandy Koufax EXMT-. Image Available! $65.00  
 1963 Post Robin Roberts VG. Image Available! $5.00  
 1963 Topps 1st series checklist EXMT+. Image Available! $6.00  
 1963 Topps 3rd series checklist EX. Image Available! $3.00  
 1963 Topps 3rd series checklist marked. Image Available! $2.00  
 1963 Topps 4th series checklist VG+. Image Available! $3.00  
 1963 Topps Angels team card EX. Image Available! $3.00  
 1963 Topps Angels team card EXMT. Image Available! $6.00  
 1963 Topps Angels team card VG. Image Available! $2.00  
 1963 Topps Braves team card VG. Image Available! $10.00  
 1963 Topps Pirates team card EX+. Image Available! $4.00  
 1963 Topps Pirates team card EXMT. Image Available! $5.00  
 1963 Topps Reds team card EXMT/EXMT- Image Available! $4.00  
 1964 Topps 2nd series checklist EXMT. Image Available! $3.00  

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